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Every day, FedEx people go above and beyond to make sure every customer has an outstanding experience. FedEx wants to help business people all around the world grow their ambitions and reach their dreams.

But making sure packages are delivered securely and on time is only part of the FedEx promise. Across the globe, thousands of FedEx people are proud to be working alongside companies, helping them streamline and innovate their business practices. While always providing the best service, FedEx is committed to contributing the business solutions that spark fresh ideas and turn opportunities into reality.

From Korean auctioneer to global apparel retailer

Doublju has come a long way since its start on a Korean auction site, where one or two orders would trickle in every day at most. It took Jong-Tark Jang and Jong-Ho Jang a year to reach 1000 orders a day, which was when the founders realized that Doublju had the potential to become something much bigger.

Inspired by the potential offered by the Internet to create an international retailer, the Jang brothers decided to look beyond their own borders and set their sights on the world. Their experience in online retail? Helping their parents set up an Internet business selling tomatoes. The brothers decided on clothing for their own Internet venture, and today, Doublju sells fashion apparel to men and women across the US, Europe and Asia.

But attracting an international customer base was only half the battle for growing Doublju, as the Jang brothers quickly discovered. In the early days, they used normal postal service for shipping, meaning deliveries would take more than two weeks. Such a slow process led to customer complaints and, in turn, lost sales.

By teaming up with FedEx, Doublju overcame these problems and today relies on FedEx to keep deliveries between numerous warehouses and customers in different locations. Speeding up delivery times with International Priority was the first step to improving customer satisfaction, which improved sales considerably. As well as speed, Doublju also found FedEx inventory management expertise to be invaluable in those early days, as the company did not have its own logistics department. FedEx was instrumental in helping Doublju learn to manage its inventory more efficiently.

Today, FedEx sales team remains the trusted solutions provider, able and willing to help the Jang brothers with any logistics problem, anywhere in the world at any time. Doublju’s success has seen it evolve from being an online auctioneer in Korea to becoming the proud owner of three brick-and-mortar shops in California. But its online business remains Doublju’s number one focus, as the company wants to make its unique designs available to as many people as possible, regardless of their geographical location.

Today, the company is aiming to cater to even more tastes, as the Jang brothers work to hone their business into a world-beating online retailer. There’s something for everyone at Doublju: trendy t-shirts and sleek trousers for men, and elegant dresses and cozy jumpers for women. After all, the name is Doublju, which sounds so similar to the letter W that satisfied customers must wonder if it’s shorthand for ‘win-win’.

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