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Solutions Powered by People

Every day, FedEx people go above and beyond to make sure every customer has an outstanding experience. FedEx wants to help business people all around the world grow their ambitions and reach their dreams.

But making sure packages are delivered securely and on time is only part of the FedEx promise. Across the globe, thousands of FedEx people are proud to be working alongside companies, helping them streamline and innovate their business practices. While always providing the best service, FedEx is committed to contributing the business solutions that spark fresh ideas and turn opportunities into reality.

Kicking off an evolved solution

Smaller and thinner is not usually what people associate with strong protection, but Evolutive Labs is here to prove the world wrong. To make its point, Evolutive Labs took a fragile smartphone encased in one of its smartphone cover products and dropped it from a height of 20 feet – and it survived intact, all thanks to the company’s rugged and innovative Rhinoshield phone screen protector, and the slim bumper that fits around the edges.

A smartphone is a deeply personal gadget, so anything that makes it harder to break is a compelling proposition to any smartphone enthusiast. But faced with impatient customers around the world, Evolutive Labs struggled at first, as its previous shipping vendor caused delays. That’s where FedEx came in, applying its industry-leading levels of reliability to give the startup an edge on the competition. “FedEx opened doors for us,” says Eric Wang, who co-founded Evolutive Labs alongside fellow students at Cambridge University. The material sciences students developed RhinoShield after discovering a new polymer, which provides amazing impact protection despite being small and thin.

Evolutive Labs encourage customers to track their parcels on its website. “We are a new company, so we need to establish trust,” says Wang. “Having a good logistics provider helps us do just that.” FedEx offers continuous tracking information so people know exactly where their parcels are at all times, providing an added visibility to the online shopping process. This trust improves customer satisfaction, a vital asset in a market as competitive as the smartphone accessories segment.

The option of International Priority shipping has been important for Evolutive Labs, whose innovative business operates between Europe and Asia. Thanks to FedEx, US customers can get their purchases from Taiwan in just two days. Evolutive Labs actually had its first customers ready and waiting even before Rhinoshield hit the market: the company made its debut on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Today, Evolutive Labs has sold more than 100,000 cases for the iPhone alone, and expects the numbers to grow rapidly as offline retailers in the USA and UK start to notice the product.

While strength is essential when it comes to protecting an object as personal as a smartphone, Evolutive Labs also understands the importance of good design. The best partner for a sleek smartphone is an elegant, understated cover which evokes quality but does not distract. As FedEx provides startups with a powerful tool to build customer trust, Evolutive Labs’ customers can get on with their day, safe in the knowledge their phone has state-of-the-art protection against everyday scrapes and scratches.

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