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Solutions Powered by People

Every day, FedEx people go above and beyond to make sure every customer has an outstanding experience. FedEx wants to help business people all around the world grow their ambitions and reach their dreams.

But making sure packages are delivered securely and on time is only part of the FedEx promise. Across the globe, thousands of FedEx people are proud to be working alongside companies, helping them streamline and innovate their business practices. While always providing the best service, FedEx is committed to contributing the business solutions that spark fresh ideas and turn opportunities into reality.

Taking a high-tech approach to a traditional industry

The textiles sector has strong historic roots in Taiwan, but the reason why Hyperbola is causing such a stir is due to its futuristic, high-tech approach. The textile designer specializes in functional yet fashionable fabrics – and yes, of course you can have both!

This commitment to innovation, coupled with technical expertise, means Hyperbola now supplies fabrics all over the world. The Taiwanese company creates high-performance fabrics for all kinds of lifestyle activities, including snowboarding, trekking, golfing, yoga and fashion. By getting samples out quickly and securely, FedEx has been instrumental in supporting Hyperbola’s growth. Designers will often start choosing their fabrics when the first samples arrive, meaning the first parcel to land on a desk may be the one that wins the new business.

But the highlights in the Hyperbola calendar are trade shows in Paris, New York, Salt Lake City and Munich, as the majority of business is done face-to-face. FedEx has proved vital in getting materials securely to these key events, especially after a previous courier lost a shipment in a snowstorm and Hyperbola had to present an empty booth. “With FedEx, we never have these kinds of problems. If issues do arise, we can count on FedEx to help us to overcome them.”

Established in 2001 by Tina Wang, Hyperbola holds its own among much older competitors. “We are one of four textile giants in Taiwan, and the other three have over 100 years of history,” said Wang. “As a young company, we’re proud and honored to be rubbing shoulders with such well-established competitors.” Hyperbola’s modern approach is supported by FedEx automated system, which saves time for the company by enabling shipping to be arranged in just a few clicks when deliveries leave garment factories in Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Bangladesh.

Still, it’s often the personal FedEx touches that matter most, such as when a potential Hyperbola customer requested an address change after the parcel was already on the airplane. A FedEx representative got the label changed at the drop-off point in Canada, providing peace of mind for the Hyperbola team by keeping them informed throughout. It all ended well: the parcel arrived safely at the correct address, resulting in Hyperbola winning the new customer's business.

Hyperbola has its work cut out for itself as fashion designers demand new fabrics with a wow-factor each season. Requests for colors and weaves will be unique, but all these customers will be expecting the very best: a light jacket that repels wind, a comfortable shirt that lets the skin breathe, or a wool-like coat that is also waterproof. With FedEx on board providing its reliable service, Hyperbola’s team can concentrate on its core mission of growing Taiwan’s footprint in the global textile industry, and dreaming up unimaginable fabrics that meet clients’ needs even before they know what those needs are.

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