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Solutions Powered by People

Every day, FedEx people go above and beyond to make sure every customer has an outstanding experience. FedEx wants to help business people all around the world grow their ambitions and reach their dreams.

But making sure packages are delivered securely and on time is only part of the FedEx promise. Across the globe, thousands of FedEx people are proud to be working alongside companies, helping them streamline and innovate their business practices. While always providing the best service, FedEx is committed to contributing the business solutions that spark fresh ideas and turn opportunities into reality.

A unique vision and world-class quality

It takes several days to apply a 3D vinyl wrap to a car, as MAXPLUS International understands that fun is a serious business. This dedication has paid off, as customers all over the world now look to MAXPLUS International for unique ways to express their personalities. Because what a MAXPLUS International 3D vinyl wrap does is turn a car into a chameleon. Pick any pattern - animal, nature, geometry - and MAXPLUS International will transform the vehicle, leaving a perfect finish that doesn’t damage the original paintwork either.

A commitment to quality was the goal back in 2004, when Tony Yang started the company in Taiwan, together with his wife. At first, the couple sold car accessories and stickers in Taichung City, before moving towards more customized service, offering quality choices for customers willing to pay a little extra to get it just right.

Today, MAXPLUS International is supported by a global network of partners who share its corporate philosophy of growing together and enjoying their work together. MAXPLUS International understood the importance of a global distribution network to maintain its competitive edge and called in FedEx for help.

With shipping volumes to overseas countries increasing, FedEx provide tailor-made solutions that let MAXPLUS International reach customers all over the world quickly and efficiently. FedEx’s international services is indispensable for keeping MAXPLUS International’s customers happy, and its International Economy service enables MAXPLUS International to save on less time-sensitive shipments without sacrificing reliability.

As product demand fluctuates across international markets, MAXPLUS International realised even more value from FedEx inventory management expertise. MAXPLUS International partners are happy because they no longer have to keep so much stock on site: instead, thanks to the ordering efficiencies made possible by FedEx, MAXPLUS International now has a quick and cost-efficient solution to ship directly from Taiwan to destinations like Russia, India and beyond. Money saved on reduced inventory costs can now be reinvested into strategic growth initiatives with FedEx helping to run a seamless restocking service even when the fastest-selling products run low.

MAXPLUS International’s quality-focused approach is now expanding beyond car design to also include home interiors and furniture. As Yang says: “MAXPLUS International design is not for everyone, but when someone likes it, they love it!” This attitude goes to the heart of MAXPLUS International's approach to doing business: a determined focus on customers who share its passion for quality, integrity and uniqueness – and above all, for fun.

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