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Solutions Powered by People

Every day, FedEx people go above and beyond to make sure every customer has an outstanding experience. FedEx wants to help business people all around the world grow their ambitions and reach their dreams.

But making sure packages are delivered securely and on time is only part of the FedEx promise. Across the globe, thousands of FedEx people are proud to be working alongside companies, helping them streamline and innovate their business practices. While always providing the best service, FedEx is committed to contributing the business solutions that spark fresh ideas and turn opportunities into reality.

Get promoted, no matter where you are

Caroll Zhao had a clear goal when she started Pangea Direct: to become the first Chinese company to sell high-quality promotional goods to North America. Today, Zhao has surpassed this initial goal, and her business now delivers millions of items all over the globe. But there’s no resting on any laurels. Next on Zhao’s to-do list is expansion into Europe.

Custom promotional goods specialist Pangea has come a long way since its start in 2009. Back then, a small team of under ten people were struggling to grow the customer base, working with logistics companies who took too long to deliver. As goods are shipped not just from factories to customers, but also from factories to Pangea’s offices for quality control inspections, there are lots of constantly moving parts in the Pangea machine.

The first significant growth trigger for Pangea came after two years, when a more favourable trading environment saw the company’s revenues more than double in a single year. The other big boost for the company lay in working with FedEx. The FedEx International Priority service solved delivery problems by getting products out to customers quickly and efficiently. No longer does Pangea have to turn down business in remote locations, and FedEx’s pre-order delivery service has enabled Pangea to ship directly from factories all over China to customers in the US.

But Pangea does a lot more than just delivering products. The company’s arts department will provide customisations, and Pangea will even help customers select items that are right for them. Pangea understands that promotional goods have to be carefully selected to reflect the core values of each company in order to be effective. The same type of reliable, stable service is also one of the reasons that Pangea has stuck with FedEx as it has grown into a true international player. “Our FedEx account manager is in regular contact with the Pangea sales reps, sharing professional industry knowledge and market insights,” says Zhao. “This has supported us as our business steadily developed.”

There are over 100,000 items on Pangea’s product list, with more added every day: mugs, leather wallets, bike bells, doggy chew toys, cookie cutters, ice scrapers, pedometers, and a stress toy shaped like a horse. But the secret to Pangea’s success lies in its commitment to personalized service. After all, a pedometer is just a fitness tool, but an effective promotion is something that conveys a company’s spirit.

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