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Discover ORACLE TEAM USA's 4 secrets to winning success as they prepare to defend their world title in Bermuda in 2017

#1 Inspirational Leadership

I just believe that you never, ever give up. As long as there's a glimmer of hope, you still have a chance. The more the pressure [and] the harder the situation. That's when this team tends to excel. James Spithill, ORACLE TEAM USA Skipper

Success starts from the top and a winning team simply cannot exist without strong, decisive leadership. ORACLE TEAM USA has one of the very best in skipper Spithill, who has lead the team to two heroic America's Cup victories. Intelligent, determined and utterly courageous, Spithill pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history in 2013 when his team succeeded against unthinkable odds to win eight races in a row, and consequently the cup with a score of 9-8 after previously being behind 1-8 - a testament to Spithill's extraordinary ability to lead whilst remaining focused under extreme pressure.

Supporting ORACLE TEAM USA's leading position and pursuit for victory in 2017 is Yanmar who is providing ZT sterndrive systems and 8LV inboard marine diesel engines for the two 46-foot chase boats - aptly renamed to "Chase Boat YANMAR 1" and "Chase Boat YANMAR 2". With the highest levels of technological excellence, Yanmar leads the way with over 100 years experience in delivering technologically sophisticated marine engines, drive systems, and products of unparalleled performance and quality - exactly what ORACLE TEAM USA will need to secure another victory in Bermuda in 2017.

#2 Uncompromising Teamwork

No matter what happens, whether we're winning or whether we're losing or no matter where we are, we need to stick together, be there for each other, and hang tough James Spithill, ORACLE TEAM USA Skipper

Working as one is crucial in the challenging world of sailing. This beautiful sport can quickly become dangerous in certain weather conditions, so it's essential that every member of the crew be united to achieve success and remain safe.

At the core of the team are the sailors themselves: 14 extraordinary athletes, however the 15th member of the team is Yanmar, the Japanese manufacturer that supplies ORACLE TEAM USA with high performing engines for its all-important support vehicles. From docking out to docking in before and after each race, to man overboard situations and full on emergencies, the Yanmar-powered support boats are crucial part of ORACLE TEAM USA's success. The team is so proud of their 15th team member that they have the Yanmar logo on their race boat - a reminder that they are a united team that will stick together through thick and thin.

Through offering superior engines and reliable equipment that can always be trusted, Yanmar ensures the team remains safe at all times on the water. As Spithill mentioned "speed's one thing, but reliability is really key because we can't afford for one of those boats to go down" and Yanmar's support prevent this from ever happening, whilst instilling confidence in the team every race.

#3 Fierce Commitment

You've got to be strong, you've got to be agile, you've got to be quick. If you're not up to scratch, you're going to get left behind.Craig McFarlane, Director of Athlete Training

To continue to achieve success and be the best, ORACLE TEAM USA must dedicate themselves to a strict and intense training regime to ensure they are at peak fitness when they go into competition. This involves training 5-6 full days a week where the sailors can burn up to 1000 calories an hour!

Supporting this effort, Yanmar chase boats play a fundamental role in tracking the team's training progress. The boats collate and analyze performance data which can map out challenges and areas that the team can work on in training whilst also being on immediate standby to provide support for any scenario on the water.

Like ORACLE TEAM USA, the unyielding passion for improvement is reflected in Yanmar's engineering and technology. Yanmar always strives to deliver the most sustainable and efficient engines and consistently innovates and rigorously tests new solutions to ensure they remain ahead of the game - no matter what.

#4 Agility

Our sailing boats are so fast now that the only way we can have our chase boats keep up with us is if they're powered by the right engines.James Spithill, ORACLE TEAM USA Skipper

One of the most exhilarating aspects of sailing is the unpredictability of every race. Success is dependant on the ability to think quickly and act even faster. Anything can happen out there on the water, so each member of the team must be agile and able to respond strategically to whatever issues arise.

During the 2013 America's Cup, when ORACLE TEAM USA were consistently losing races they realised they had to totally rethink their strategy. The team changed their approach to the course mid-regatta, choosing to foil their boat during the upwind leg of the race, thus reducing drag and vastly increasing speed. This means they lifted the two 72-foot hulls, which is the main body of the boat, out of the water on their daggerboards, which are the boards that slide vertically through the centre of the boat to reduce sideways movement. It was a risky manoeuver, considering they were sailing at speeds of more than 40 knots (74 km/h, 46 mph), but one that paid off, as it was this quick thinking that sparked the team's historic turnaround that lead to their monumental victory.

This versatility and extraordinary adaptability is evident through Yanmar's engines which are essential to ensuring the chase boats keep up with the team on the water. As Spithill states, 'Yanmar is critical' to this process and the team's overall success. Yanmar's engines have been innovatively designed to always ensure they deliver optimal performance and remain versatile whatever the conditions. This provides ORACLE TEAM USA with full confidence to go as fast as they can, as they know their reliable Yanmar powered chase boats will be alongside them the entire way.

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