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20 of the best in hong kong's

Old Town Central is Hong Kong's most historic neighbourhood, where east meets west, past meets present, and tradition contrasts with innovation. With treasures at every turn, this is where the essence of the city can be found.

Rony Fortich

Music Director, Hong Kong Disneyland

The Fringe Club

Photos by @jordanleephoto

For the last 12 years, Hong Kong has been home. A place I feel safe, comfortable, and welcome.

“For the last 12 years, Hong Kong has been home. A place I feel safe, comfortable, and welcome. It used to be a vacation spot I would look forward to visiting when I was a kid… but never thought one day I’d find myself lucky enough to live in. Let alone for 12 years.”

Rony Fortich is a hidden gem, the guy you hear from but might not see. He’s the man behind the music at Hong Kong Disneyland.

He does everything from composing new work for the Park to working with many of the city’s performers. So what in Central strikes a chord with him? “There’s the Fringe Club which I love for all their live performances and visual arts. The building is a listed Grade 1 building rich with history and the ambiance is just full of personality. I also love great views, so another favorite would be the outdoor deck of IFC where you can see the endless sky and the stunning lights of TST across the water.  Great place to relax with friends and enjoy the view.  And of course SoHo, for as much the friendly energy as I love the food.”

I love watching jazz and blues groups playing in hotel bars, or cover bands playing in Lan Kwai Fong or Wan Chai.

Rony’s plan for the future is “to continue to observe how the city changes in such a fascinating manner”. To him the Hong Kong has a rhythm of it’s own. “The city is in constant motion, like there’s a constant pulse driving the city’s soul. It gets strong in the rush hour mornings on the subways or city streets. And this pulse pushes everyone along even in the quiet afternoons.  Then it’s back for the late, party-all-nighters. You can feel it in the sky, you can feel it in the people.”