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Personalised experience is a precious commodity in this technological age and fast-paced society. Some brands believe that it is the secret ingredient to propel them forward to success. Consumers’ expectations will continue to change through the years, herein lies the challenge that one will never be able to rest on its laurels - continuing to transform the familiar and create an experience unlike any other.

These are the ideals that drive the genesis of the 2017 Lexus LC 500. With an eye towards unparalleled performance yet at the same time not compromising on its original concept design, the Lexus LC 500 radically reimagines the personalised automobile experience. The belief that this insistence on always producing an unsurpassed experience, an attitude echoed by various craftspeople who design and produce such objects of desire, will be envied by any discerning automotive enthusiast.

The Exceptional Experience series presents stories from across Southeast Asia that evoke the Lexus philosophy of transforming staid interactions into exceptional experiences. These four stories present visionary product and services of remarkable change within their industry, whose refined and imaginative approaches to technology, craftsmanship, performance, and design are fundamentally yoked to the unique facets of the Lexus LC. To be inspired by the eloquence and artistry in these stories is to be ignited by the amazing qualities of the Lexus LC 500.