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Pushing the boundaries of design and home experience through local heritage with Alvin T start

The Greek word eudaimonia refers to the well-being and flourishing of human life. For Aristotle, this concept was the ultimate goal of philosophy, a moral guide to achieving the highest human good and gaining fulfilment in one’s life.

The demands of the modern world have put such premium importance on space that design and home furnishing have become an integral part of a life well-lived.

“To me, design is not just making things pretty. It has to solve specific problems, and enhance the user's experience”

Transcending Boundaries

Indeed, eudaimonia is at the core of Alvin Tjitrowirjo’s creative philosophy as a product designer. As the founder of his eponymous design company alvinT, Alvin has not only pushed the boundaries of the furniture industry in Indonesia, but has also redefined what it means to be an Indonesian designer today.

Creating an Experience
Through Heritage

Using traditional materials like marble, bamboo, teak, and rattan, and working with local craftspeople and artisans, Alvin’s furniture design boasts a distinctly Indonesian flavour that is moulded into contemporary shapes. For instance, each piece of his ‘Linger’ bench is crafted by hand with painstaking detail, using only natural rattan. The sensuous curves of the bench itself beckons people to sit together and socialise, increasing the well-being of all.

“We really want to understand who we are designing for, who are our users? What do they want to achieve?”

Designing An Experience

Designing a piece like ‘Linger’ goes beyond the object itself — Alvin is designing an experience. The labour and emotional effort that goes into the development of a product is what his clients appreciate and regard as a luxury. Alvin muses, “Some products have its own emotional value that not everyone can understand – that is luxury.”

In his work, Alvin designs according to the intended experience and interaction. Whether he is designing furniture, spaces, or art installations, he first wants to understand who he is designing for. What are their ambitions? What do they want to achieve?

The value of design should not be underestimated. It has the potential to solve real problems, carve a strong identity, make a statement, and create a specific, unique experience which has it's own value.

The Power of Design

Alvin considers being a designer an immense responsibility, especially as he is designing objects and spaces that people use on a daily basis. Producing thoughtful design that solves problems and enhances the well-being of people and communities is the duty of the designer. As he declares, “The value of design should not be underestimated.”

In fact, Alvin’s mission is to create a new design language for furniture, using design to provoke a new notion of what contemporary Indonesia is. In the way that the Baroque style is a specific design language emerging from a particular point in European history, Alvin wants to spearhead a fresh design syntax that is recognisably Indonesian with the use of traditional, local resources in a sustainable manner.

“I use tradition as part of my inspiration, and modernity as part of the application process. I think that this is very reflective of what Indonesia is today.”

Experiencing Luxury Through Tradition

Clients embrace his ethos wholeheartedly — alvinT is now the go-to company for exquisite furniture design that specialises in transforming traditional materials into contemporary pieces that have a bold, fresh, and organic point of view. “I use tradition as part of my inspiration and modernity as part of the application process,” says Alvin. “It’s very reflective of Indonesia today.”

After all, 80% of all rattan species in the world comes from Indonesia, so it is a material that speaks directly to Alvin’s clients. “Design must be relevant to its users,” he observes. The intricacy inherent in all of his works also reflects the complexity that is in the DNA of Indonesian design, reflecting the richness and diversity of Indonesian culture and society.

It is the amalgamation of tradition and modernity that gives Alvin T pieces a unique perspective and provides a luxury experience to their end user.

A Noble Cause

Being a designer in Indonesia is not easy, with problems relating to intellectual property and plagiarism making it difficult for emerging talent to thrive. Yet, Alvin sees it as his solemn duty as a citizen and designer to advocate for education and awareness across all levels of the industry, working with a variety of stakeholders in society to create a change in attitudes, and ultimately increase the sense of fulfilment and well-being in society through thoughtful design. A huge part of Alvin's work therefore involves advocating for the painstaking work that his team puts in to ensure that every piece is created with a specific end user in mind and that a mere copy will never provide the nuanced feel and exquisite experience when in use.


Visual sense is one of the important aspects to connect a person with an object. And a compelling design is the gateway to creating the exceptional experience.

Just like Alvin T, the Lexus designers working on the Lexus LC 500 have put in great thought to the experience of the end user, as well as ensuring that it fulfills the aesthetic apetite. Every edge and curve has been designed for a purpose.

The Lexus LC 500 sets new precedents in automotive design, proving naysayers otherwise, through thoughtful construction of the details, bringing together the amalgamation of beauty and innovation.

It is this approach that sets the Lexus LC 500 apart, delivering the amazing experience beyond a luxury coupe