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Speed>> Sustained

Oceans are the planet’s restless, roiling engines. Whipped by the wind and manipulated by the moon, these awesome bodies drive and define Earth’s climate and character. They also feed an elite sailing team’s near-pathological desire to win.

ORACLE TEAM USA is on a downwind run toward immortality. Its target: the America’s Cup, sailing’s most prestigious prize and the oldest trophy in international sport. Skipper James Spithill and crew are bearing down on the Great Sound of Bermuda, where they will defend their 2013 title in June against frightfully strong competition.

Bermuda sets a gorgeous stage for the 35th America’s Cup. But the Atlantic Ocean paradise is no stranger to nature’s violence, its Great Sound having once been the caldera of a volcano. The islands are a favorite target of hurricanes as well. More insidious and slow-moving threats, however, are menacing the archipelago, as climate change and pollution threaten delicate ecosystems worldwide.

It’s in recognition of these challenges that ORACLE TEAM USA and the America’s Cup work above and beyond the race itself to ensure a sustainable future for the ocean’s beautiful yet fragile ecosystems.

Sustainability for ORACLE TEAM USA is not just about the environment. The Cup’s Endeavour Program is teaching Bermuda’s children how to sail—and to appreciate the sea—through fun and interactive education sessions. Aside from relying on an endlessly renewable resource to fill its sails, ORACLE TEAM USA has long been a leader in composite materials recycling, breaking down retired boats and remaking them for the Endeavour Program’s young up-and-coming racers to sail.

Joining the team in Bermuda is its technical partner, Yanmar. Having been together for some of the most memorable sailing the sport has seen in decades, ORACLE TEAM USA and Yanmar are bound by a passion for optimizing performance—and creating a sustainable future for the planet. Whether it’s a gust of wind or a liter of fuel, both are committed to unlocking the biggest output from the smallest input, and with minimal impact on the environment.

Many firms practice a narrowly defined sustainability: recycling, donating toward environmental causes, perhaps partnering with a few green-minded suppliers. ORACLE TEAM USA chooses Yanmar for something not so easily expressed in a media release or mission statement.

Partnership of reliance

ORACLE TEAM USA chase boats, powered by ultra-efficient, direct-injection Yanmar 8LV diesel marine engines and Yanmar ZT sterndrive systems, are the workhorses running along the 15-meter catamaran’s flanks. Capable of a sustained (and blistering) 98 knots, no other supplier can match this powertrain’s speed, durability or efficiency. When ORACLE TEAM USA’s catamaran rises up on its foils, miraculously turning a 20-knot wind into 40 knots of boat speed, Yanmar-powered chase craft are at the ready to assist in any task.

It’s about leaving the entire world a legacy of sustainability.
Boat Engine
Boat Engine

Carbon Footprint

The Yanmar diesel engine emits 20-40% less CO2 than gasoline engine.


ORACLE TEAM USA chooses Yanmar not just for its technology’s outstanding performance and reliability, but for the remarkable alignment of values between the team and the 105-year-old company. Making technology that creates lasting value for everyone, not just the end user, is at the core of Yanmar’s culture. It’s about creating maximum prosperity using the minimum resources.

And Yanmar, a Japanese diesel engine manufacturer, continues to define and refine the technical superiority of high-performance diesel engines. Unlike conventional gasoline units, the high compression ratio of diesel engines means that more power is extracted from the powertrain per unit of fuel. This can lead to CO2 reductions of 20% - 40% for next-generation diesel engines, compared to equivalent gasoline units. Less CO2 means a cooler planet. For their efficiency, durability and performance, Yanmar diesel marine engines set the standard for the entire boating industry.

ORACLE TEAM USA, the America’s Cup and Yanmar not only believe in a sustainable future. They’re working actively toward its creation.

The 35th America's Cup

So as ORACLE TEAM USA’s AC45F rises up on its foils in Bermuda and its captain, tacticians and grinders toil in utter syncopation, race fans might glimpse a deeper harmony at play.

It’s no coincidence. It’s the end result of passionate, innovative individuals aligning around common goals and a vision for the planet.

That’s a victory not just for a few, but for all.
America's Cup and Yanmar and Oracle Team USA also

Delivering Optimal Results : Massive Output with Minimum Input

Founded in 1912, Yanmar was the world’s first company to develop and commercialize a viable compact diesel engine. Since then, Yanmar has strived to push the technical boundaries of its propulsion systems while ensuring the cleanest, most efficient operation. These twin goals inform the company’s mission to help build a Sustainable Future—one that pairs prosperity with a deep sense of environmental stewardship. One that exists not just for its customers, but for all humanity.