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Top 5 global concerns that could keep you awake at night

A new Report reveals environmental and technological risks continue to be on the rise. Watch our video to learn more about the 2018 global risks landscape and its potential impact to your business.

We are living in an era of unprecedented technological, scientific and financial resources. With this, comes a remarkable opportunity to address the increasingly complex systemic risks we face.

Yet we also see the world continues to live dangerously...and, there is very little hope that 2018 will be different.

In review of this year's Global Risks Report, many challenges and key risks for the year ahead are identified, also suggesting that the urgency of taking action has intensified.

The Report published by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with leading global institutions including Zurich Insurance Group, points to several areas of significant concern in the areas of environmental, technological, geopolitical, societal and economic risks dimensions.

  • First, we are pushing our degraded planet to the brink;
  • Second, our defenses against catastrophic cyber risks are being seriously tested;
  • Third, our growing vulnerability to systemic risks is confirmed with signs of strain in many of the systems on which we rely;
  • Fourth, growth alone will not repair the social fabric;
  • Lastly, the risks of international conflicts are increasing.

Watch our video, featuring Alison Martin, Group Chief Risk Officer, Zurich Insurance Group, to learn more about the 2018 global risks landscape and its potential impact to your business.

Access the full Report and Executive Summary PDF files for more details.