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Managing your big data goldmine through green computing

Data is fast becoming the world’s most valuable asset. An organization’s data center is its nerve center.

All of our products are green computing-oriented,” says Sing Geng, System Product Manager at Supermicro. “Everything has been designed to reduce power usage, to be more environmentally friendly.”

But with the acceleration of cloud computing, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, global data centers could be on track to produce over three percent of the planet’s total carbon emissions by 2025, according to a private ICT study.

The world’s third largest supplier of server systems is stepping up to address this and other environmental challenges through innovative earth-friendly technology solutions.

Geng oversees the MicroBlade™ and latest generation SuperBlade® systems featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, which lead the pack as the highest density server solutions on the market.

Data centers’ massive day-to-day energy consumption comes from powering up servers and cooling down hardware. On-site temperatures are strictly controlled by air conditioning and fans in ranges of about 20° to 25° C (68°-77°F).

“The more power they use, the more carbon they burn and greenhouse gasses are released into the air,” explains Geng. This can mean sky-high operational costs for data center owners.

While Supermicro's blade computing platforms boast high density, they actually use the same amount of air in cooling as lower density systems, according to Geng. Their high efficiency power supplies also generate less heat.

A condensed modular design reduces the amount of cables needed to link servers with the outside world; by 99% in the case of the MicroBlade™. The effect is lower costs and less electronic waste.

Experts predict a 17% increase in global e-waste by 2021. Some materials are not even fully recyclable. But these cutting-edge blade lines were designed with long life cycles in mind.

Typically, moving up to the next generation of servers means swapping out an existing system for an entirely new one. But in SuperBlade® and MicroBlade™setups, only a CPU module needs to be upgraded.

“The customer replaces less components, spends less and generates less e-waste. Less e-waste helps the environment,”

While redefining green computing for businesses, with its blades and other innovative products, Supermicro has also brought its corporate credo ‘We Keep IT Green®’ home. The company generates its own clean fuel cell-based electricity at its Silicon Valley headquarters. Ultimately, usage of the firm’s high-efficiency green solutions could save a lot of energy costs — a win-win for Supermicro, businesses and the planet.

Discover innovative high performance, high efficiency green server technology at Supermicro.

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