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A story of humanity

To protect civilian populations and help keep the peace, the involvement of UN forces on the ground is vital but to ensure that they can successfully pursue their mission, they first need to be able to set up camp and safeguard supplies in difficult...


United States

A story of adrenaline rush

Venturi, based in the Principality of Monaco, has developed an engine that could revolutionize the use of electricity in transport but before that happens, the engine will face its most crucial test on the salt lakes of Bonneville in Utah...



A story of a Prima ballerina

Come behind the scenes of a performance of Romeo and Juliet in Säo Paulo by the renowned Monte-Carlo ballet company. Experience the story of knowledge being passed on from Bernice Coppieters, outstanding prima ballerina...



A story from the heart

Aminata Keita lives in Bamako, in the Republic of Mali. Only 12 years old, she suffers from cardiomyopathy, a rare disease requiring open heart surgery. Unfortunately, this kind of operation is not possible in her country...

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