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Railways have existed in Russia for 175 years, though the story of Russian Railways JSC began 10 years ago. Since it was founded in 2003, the company has achieved milestones to be proud of.

Over 85% of freight traffic in Russia is now transported by Russian Railways JSC, and in 10 years, cargo turnover has increased 1.4 fold.

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10 years of achievements

  • $95 billion US invested in transportation

    Globally, investments in such assets are recognized as valuable contributions to the socio-economic development of a country because they often job creation and high growth, which is crucial to the country’s economic prospects. Enterprises are commissioned to yield results by meeting the needs of shippers and consignees, providing mobility of the population, and developing the country’s tax potential.

  • 40% growth in cargo turnover

    Through improvements to the freight car fleet, infrastructure investment has taken rail freight traffic to new levels.

  • 3105 locomotives units purchased

    Today, the RZD park carries 20,612 locomatives. Electric diesel locomotives constitute 55.1% of the park, passenger locomotives 15.1%, whilst electric shunting locomotives comprise 29.8% of the park. RZD locomotives service railways throughout Russia.

  • 11 billion passengers transported

    That’s 1.6 x the planets’ population. There has been a 7% annual increase in the number of passengers carried by Russian Railways.

  • RZD transports 85% of Russia’s cargo*

    Traditionally, rail services are the most popular way to deliver goods: They are environmentally friendly, safe, and it’s possible to transport large amounts of cargo in one go. *Excluding pipelines

  • RZD provides more than 1 million jobs

    RZD is the largest employer in Russia, and a major contributor to the social stability of the country.

  • RZD trains connect more than 30 countries

    The geographical position of Russia allows RZD to not only link Russia to neighbouring countries, but also to offer Trans-Eurasian rail routes.

  • Nearly $13 billion US private investment in new rollingstock

    Renovation and expansion of the wagon park is aimed to meet the demand for rail transport as well as increase the level of safety and environmental protection.

  • Credit rating on a par with that of the Russian sovereign state

    Russian Railways has credit ratings on a par with that of the Russian Sovereign International rating agency Fitch affirmed that the long-term issuer default rating (IDR) of Russian Railways JSC is "BBB", forecast - stable. Short-term IDR: affirmed at "F3", and the long-term national scale rating at "AAA (rus)" with a stable forecast. Ratings of Russian Railways JSC may be increased as a result of economic growth, income growth, as well as improvements in the sovereign rating of the Russian Federation.

  • The world’s third longest railway

    Operational length of the Russian Railways network is more than 85,000 km.

10 years of success

  • 2003 - The foundation of Russian Railways JSC

    This event marked the beginning of the government-instigated structural reform of rail transport. One of the objectives of the reform was to separate government involvement, and to promote a competitive privatized rail system.

  • 2005 - Vladimir Yakunin named the President of Russian Railways JSC

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  • 2006 - Contract signed with Siemens for the supply of high speed trains

    In a country covering more than 17 million square kilometers, the provision of high speed trains is an essential improvement for passengers and businesses.

  • 2007 - The birth of First Freight Company JSC

    A subsidiary of Russian Railways JSC, separating the freight and passenger services of Russian Railways JSC.

  • 2008 - Release of the Russian made Gas Turbine locomotive

    The most powerful clean traction vehicle in the world is designed to operate on non-electrified sections of railways and is capable of traveling 750 kilometers on a single tank of fuel. The liquid natural gas powered turbine significantly reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs.

  • 2009 - High-speed rail link from Moscow to St. Petersburg opens

    The 645 km journey that separates these major metropolitan areas of Russia, can now be completed by train in less than 4 hours, over twice as fast as before the upgrade.

  • 2010 - The creation of Federal Passenger Company JSC

    A long distance passenger transport subsidiary of OAO Russian Railways. Trains of the Federal Passenger Company run from the Mediterranean to Japan, from the Black Sea to the White Sea and operate the longest passenger rail route in the world from Moscow-Vladivostok (14,948 km).

  • 2011 - Signing of contracts with Talgo, Desiro Rus and Velaro Rus

    Talgo provides trains with automatic track adjustment capabilities which are able to link Russia (where the railway gauge is 1520 mm) with Europe (where the gauge is 1435mm).

    Desiro’s high-speed "Lastochka” trains are designed for high-speed suburban passenger services.

    Designed to operate in extreme weather and temperatures, Velaro “Sapsan” trains are based on the Siemens Velaro platform; recognized as one of the most successful high-speed trains in the world.

  • 2012 - Russian Railways JSC purchases 75% of GEFCO

    A leading provider of integrated logistics, and one of the top ten logistics operators in Europe. GEFCO provides access to modern logistics technologies, enabling more efficient infrastructure use, and raising the profile of freight transportation across Russia. In turn, Russian Railways JSC offer a platform of sustainable development and growth for GEFCO.

  • 2013 - Completion of the modern transport system in Sochi

    This development will not only transport participants and fans to the Olympics and Paralympics in 2014, it accounts for a significant part of the legacy of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Russian Railways. The journey has just begun.

Between 2003 and 2013 US $100 billion has been invested in the development of the railway infrastructure.

Russian trains have transported a staggering 11 billion people and the company launched a high speed rail service with the purchase of up-to-date rolling stock from leading manufacturers.

In domestic and international markets, Russian Railways JSC is a reliable and stable partner with credit ratings on a par with that of the Russian Sovereign awarded by rating agencies Moody's (Baa1 stable) and Fitch (BBB stable).

Russian Railways continues to innovate, voluntarily increasing its environmental standards, conducting scientific developments, whilst supporting young professionals.

10 years of development.
10 years of success.